Grow Lights 300W-400W COB Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamp, High Par Greenhouse Fixture, UV & IR

ETL Intertek DLC Listed UL Listed Energy Star
SKU:  GR000A003

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  • Hyperikon’s 300W-400W LED Grow Light is engineered with Helios technology and commercial-grade components. Experience the advantages of the advancements in COB LED Technology and strive to bring the best for your plants!


    Out plant light has a strong and durable aluminum body with black finish. It houses a powerful Meanwell driver, two cooling fans with overheat protection system and 120 LEDs with full spectrum range.

    Plants ‘see’ and use light differently than humans, so the lighting performance of a grow light is measured and perceived differently than that of a regular light. Defining some terms is certainly useful when talking about grow lights.

    PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) is a type of light that has a wavelength in the visible range of 400 - 700 nanometers and is ideal for stimulating photosynthesis

    PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) measures the amount of photo-synthetically active photons that actually reach the plant. The measurements are done over a specific area.


    Hyperikon’s Grow Light has has 120pcs of 5W LED chips include 3 IR and 2 UV. They cover the full light spectrum that helps plants develop and grow (380-780 nm).

    The average PPFD over 2x2 ft area at recommended 12” height is 606μmol/s/m2. Use reflective walls to increase PAR rating.


    Suitable for all stages of your plants’ development cycle, just adjust the type of light it emits with the two switches on the top of the fixture. For greater coverage area connect 2 or 3 fixtures together. When it comes to the hanging height and ON/OFF period there is never a single correct answer. We recommend at least 12 inches distance from the tip of the plant to the LED panel of the light, and about 8 hours of darkness per day, but always monitor how the plants respond to the conditions.


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