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Lighting Evolution and The Falling Costs of LED Lights

Posted by Hyperikon Team on Jun 6th 2018

Did you know that prehistoric people needed to chop wood 60 hours a week just to get enough wood to produce the amount of light equivalent to a 100Watt bulb in one hour? This was researched … read more

Why California is Saying Goodbye to Incandescent Lights

Posted by Hyperikon Team on Jun 4th 2018

It’s 2018 and time to say goodbye to the incandescent lights that were the go-to choice for most households and businesses throughout the past 138 years. Despite more efficient lights availa … read more

Why choose LED lights? Top FAQ's

Posted by Hyperikon Team on May 31st 2018

People are creatures of habit and oftentimes, venturing into something new seems intimidating, especially when we talk about technology. Even though LED lighting is not a new concept, the … read more

​How to Use Live Video Support

Posted by Hyperikon Support on May 31st 2018

We’ve recently introduced a new feature to help make installation even easier: live video support! Now you have the ability to engage in a live video session with our customer service team whenever yo … read more

Why did my LEDs burn out?

Posted by Hyperikon Support on Apr 19th 2018

Incandescent bulbs generate significant amounts of heat. A 100W incandescent can be replaced by a 10W LED, meaning there are 90W more of heat that the traditional bulb could handle. Traditional bul … read more