LED Tube Lights: What is the difference between a dual ended and single-ended LED tube?

Feb 12th 2018

At Hyperikon we have LED tubes of lengths and types, but almost all of our tubes fall in two categories: dual-ended or single-ended. The only main difference between these tubes is how they are installed.

Dual-end powered LED tubes are lives on two sides. When you wire a dual-ended tube, you will need to connect neutral wires to one end and live wires to the other end.

Single-end powered LED tubes are only live on one side. When you wire a single-ended tube, you will need to connect both live and neutral wires to the same side.

Make sure to note which type you are purchasing in order to install them correctly!

Both LED tube types offer the same brightness and performance. Choosing between the two comes down to your fixture type and which installation method you would prefer. 

Dual-End Powered LED Tube Installation

Single-End Powered LED Tube Installation

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