Commercial LED Lights: What certifications do Hyperikon commercial LED lights have?


Hyperikon LED lights and fixtures are certified and rated through a number of programs in order to ensure the best quality, safety, and rebate-eligibility for your home. Check each product to see which certifications apply!


Most Hyperikon products are UL-listed in order to ensure safety and quality. UL tests products based on their world-class safety standards.


ENERGY STAR is the official symbol from the US government to signify that a product is energy efficient.

ETL (Intertek)

Similar to UL, ETL is a testing laboratory that evaluates product against a variety of safety standard.

DesignLights Consortium (DLC)

DLC qualified products have been tested to meet performance and energy efficiency qualifications. DLC is often required for LED lighting rebates.

Lighting Facts

Lighting Facts is a program for lighting manufacturers to test and report their performance to be inline with industry standards. 

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