Choosing the Best LED Flood Lights


Lighting can seem like a simple concept until you are faced with making decisions that significantly impact your construction or renovation budget. That is when you realize the complexity of lighting your space for various uses and the importance of getting it right.

Flood Lights or Spotlights?

LED flood lights and spot lights can often be used interchangeably, but there are some important instances in which this is not the case. A spotlight provides a narrow beam of light that can travel further than a flood light, making them a better choice for high ceilings. Spotlights can be used on vehicles for seeing distance or in fixtures illuminating a specific area. They can be useful as professional lights in other applications that call for limiting the field of light to highlight a space, like in a museum or on stage.

When you are trying to get the most light output for your money, LED flood lights are the better choice. LED flood lights are powerful and bright, “flooding” the area with light, making them the most efficient solution for most commercial lighting applications. LED flood lights are also the superior choice for indoor and outdoor security as they are high output and often come with motion detection technology.

Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Flood lights may be the most common type of lighting for commercial, industrial and residential outdoor uses. They cast a wider beam of light than a spotlight, making flood lights the more economical choice for outdoor fields and parking lots. One flood light, like an LED Stadium Arena Light , can distribute light evenly over a large backyard, sports center, or a billboard. Also an excellent choice for outdoor security, an LED Outdoor Motion Light will help alert you to activity and scare off unwelcome wildlife.

Indoor LED Flood Lights

Flood lights fitted with motion detectors are also practical for indoor lighting in industrial spaces where work is not constant. The light turns on when workers enter the warehouse and provides even work light until they exit. Many flood lights can be used outdoors or indoors, providing even and economical lighting solutions in large indoor areas.

LED Flood Light Bulbs

You don’t need a robust fixture for a flood light effect. There are a number of options for LED flood light bulbs . Usually you will want to search for the BR bulb shape to achieve a flood light effect. For residential use, you may want a bulb that can be dimmed and provide maximum flexibility of use. A flood light is a great choice when you need a lot of light in a work space, but for ambient lighting you’ll want to ability to reduce the brightness, all from the same light fixture. BR bulbs can be dimmed to 20% and still provide even lighting of your space.

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