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Top 5 Commercial LED Lighting Picks for 2018

Posted by Carrie Treat on Aug 17th 2018

Lighting season will be here soon! Starting with Daylight saving time and lasting throughout the winter, lighting season is when we see a lot of businesses and homeowners upg … read more

Why to Buy LED Motion Sensor Lights

Posted by Claire Juozitis on Aug 6th 2018

Many modern LED lights and fixtures are equipped with sophisticated settings. One of the most popular among these features for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting is motion … read more

Project Spotlight: Pruden Cars LED Fluorescent Replacement

Posted by Claire Juozitis on Jul 17th 2018

Fluorescent replacement, or “retrofitting,” is extremely easy to do with LED lights. In fact, for every incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulb there is very likely an LED replacement for it. Thu … read more

Lumens and LED Brightness

Posted by Claire Juozitis on Jun 22nd 2018

In traditional lighting, wattage was the standard measure of brightness. Higher wattage meant a brighter bulb. LED lights are brighter replacements for fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen … read more

Choosing the Best LED Flood Lights

Posted by Dan Alberts on Jun 13th 2018

Lighting can seem like a simple concept until you are faced with making decisions that significantly impact your construction or renovation budget. That is when you realize the complexity … read more