Why aren't my LED tubes turning on?


Please make sure that your tubes are wired correctly. Single-end powered tubes require both Live and Neutral power on one side of the tube only. If electricity is connected to the wrong end of the tube, it will not turn on. Dual-end powered tubes require electricity on both ends of the tube: one end is Live and the other end is Neutral. If L/N is wired to one or both sides of these tubes, it will not turn on. For dual-ended, a simple fix is to try flipping the tube and wiring again on the opposite sides.

Additionally, aside from our Plug-and-Play Ballast Compatible LED Tubes, most Hyperikon LED tubes require a ballast bypass installation to work properly. LED tubes do not need voltage to be regulated through a ballast as fluorescent tubes do. Though it is an extra installation step, it is a simple procedure that can reduce energy usage even more and ensure full functionality of your tube. Please note that a ballast bypass differs for single and dual-ended tubes.

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