T8 LED U-Bent Light Tube, 2x2 ft, Ballast Bypass, Frosted

ETL Intertek DLC Listed UL Listed Energy Star
SKU:  8U200070X
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  • LED U-Bent Light Tube T8, 2x2 ft, 18W, Ballast Bypass, Frosted

    Hyperikon’s 2x2 ft 18W Frosted, Ballast Bypass T8 LED U-bend tube allows you to achieve the best energy efficacy while providing a beneficial design at the same time. These U-bent tubes are functionally no different from linear tubes but are designed for use in places with spatial limitations. The distance between the ends of the tube (leg spacing) must be matched to the fixtures’ prong sockets. Our wide range of color temperatures makes this tube the perfect choice for applications such as offices and retail stores. This U-shaped T8 fluorescent LED tube is backed by our market-leading 5-year unlimited warranty.

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    Hyperikon makes lighting products that help customers save energy, save money, and protect the climate. By reducing the amount of energy needed to power our customers' lighting, our products help utilities reduce carbon emissions created in the generation of electricity. Hyperikon works with third parties to help identify and quantify the environmental benefits associated with the sale of our energy-efficient products into various retail markets. Our customers are eligible for any applicable local, state, or federal energy rebates from the purchase of our products; however, at the request of our Sponsor, Hyperikon reserves the right to the Environmental Benefits.

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