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  • Hyperikon’s 15W Surface Mount LED Light Fixture is designed to bring versatility and efficiency to your home and office. This dimmable LED flush mount fixture is Energy Star-rated and can cut down electricity consumption by 77% by replacing your old 65W CFL or incandescent light while consuming only 15W of electricity. Our surface mount LED light fixture has a beam angle of 120 degrees and will make sure that there aren’t any dark corners left in your home. Even more, this dimmable ceiling light brings the high CRI rating of 84+ that will allow you to enjoy the quality of natural sunlight inside your home. Finally, we believe in the quality of our products. That’s why we offer an unlimited 5-year warranty on all purchases. The dimmable LED flush mount ceiling light is an essential lighting centerpiece in your home – why use anything other than the latest technology and design where you need it the most?

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