Smart LED Bulb, A19, WiFi, Alexa & Google Home Compatible, 8W, Dimmable

ETL Intertek DLC Listed UL Listed Energy Star
SKU:  S21308202-2Pack

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    Hyperikon introduces the new HyperSmart Bulbs for your home, shop or office. Experience the advances in lighting and smart living first hand! Get your home set up with smart bulbs and control them hands-free through a voice command, or remotely when you are away from home.

    We offer our HyperSmart Bulbs in two variations:

    >> The 5000 kelvins Bulb will illuminate your space with a crystal white glow and cast a regular lighting for you study, office, kitchen or anywhere you need a clear and sharp light. You can control its brightness, dim it up and down as best fits the occasion, or automate it by setting a schedule in the HyperSmart app.

    >> The Omnicolor Bulb will give you a full color range for you to choose from at any given time. Buy one bulb but get the functionality of multiple bulbs in multiple colors. Set the mood in your living room, the kids room, or the dance floor at your party. Through a simple slide in the HyperSmart app you can change its color, control its brightness, or set a schedule so it goes ON/OFF even when you’re not at home.


    Control your HyperSmart Bulb from anywhere, provided you have a mobile phone and an internet connection (wireless or cellular). Through the HyperSmart app you will be able to check which bulbs and devices are still running and which are off.

    • ✔ VOICE CONTROL - Works with Amazon Alexa (Echo/Dot/Tap) and Google Assistant for voice control.
    • ✔ ONLY NEEDS WIFI - To connect Hyperikon’s Wi-Fi Smart Bulb use a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band. No hub required, just follow the provided installation manual. Once ready, you will be able the turn the bulb ON/OFF, change the light intensity, even set a schedule to automate bulb's performance.
    Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz Connection

    HyperSmart Bulbs can be connected through a 2.4 GHz wireless network connection and is not compatible with 5GHz. When installing, please consider the rang of your router. The bulb has a 98 - 229 ft range depending on its location respective to the router. Keep in mind that walls, metal appliances and certain materials can decrease Wi-Fi scope. If you need to use the bulb somewhere out of your routers reach consider getting a Wi-Fi booster.

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