UFO LED High Bays

Why UFO LED high bays?

LED high bays may look a little pricier than legacy high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps at first glance, but they actually deliver a more reliable, efficient solution that ultimately offers much better long-term cost of ownership.

Benefits of LED high bays

  • Reduced maintenance/replacement responsibilities
  • Lower temperatures reduce HVAC costs
  • Consistent brightness/color temperature throughout lamp’s lifespan

Why UFOs & not linear?

  • More modern, aesthetically pleasing look
  • Ease of installation
  • Create a circular beam to light spaces more evenly

How many UFO high bays do I need?

If you wind up with too few LED UFO high bays, you’ll create a spotlight effect, with bright circles of light and areas of relative darkness between them. If you purchase too many, you risk pumping too many lumens into your space and creating a “sterile” feel.

Generally, you want to create 40-50 foot candles at ground level. The diameter of the beam you create is determined by the height and lumen output of the lights.

UFO LED high bay height installation
Example height installations

In order to determine the correct number of UFO high bays, you’ll need to know:

  • The height you will be installing the lamps
  • The lumen output of the lamps you’re purchasing
  • The cubic footage of the space you’re trying to light

Which Hyperikon UFO LED high bay is right for me?

Building a new warehouse system or retrofitting with LED in mind?

If you’re building a new warehouse facility or changing your lighting strategy, you need UFO high bays that deliver brightness and value, both at time of purchase and over their lifetime. Hyperikon’s LED UFO indoor area light provides the perfect affordable, adjustable UFO to build your system around.

Trying to upgrade an existing UFO high bay system to LED?

You can gain the cleaner light and energy savings of LED without retrofitting your entire system using an LED UFO replacement bulb. Hyperikon’s screw-in UFO warehouse light delivers 5000K of daylight while reducing strain on your system compared to metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights.

Hoping to balance light and aesthetics in a commercial space?

Hyperikon’s sleek commercial UFO high bay fixture is specifically designed to create a wide, soft-edged beam that creates a bright, inviting space without the harsh industrial look of traditional high bays. They are lightweight and sturdy, which means they offer a great balance of durability and ease-of-installation.

Need to maximize light in a large indoor space?

If you’ve got an indoor agriculture facility or other large space that requires as much daylight LED brightness as you can deliver, Hyperikon’s LED high bay with reflector packs the power and efficacy in a compact, powerful lamp that works in temperatures as high as 140°F.

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