U-Bend LED Tubes

Which U-Bend Tube is Right for You?

Why U-Bend LED tubes?

LED light tubes offer a significant improvement over legacy fluorescent tubes in terms of efficiency, maintenance, and long-term cost of ownership. U-Bend LED tubes are especially useful for packing bright, clear LED light into small spaces where a full-length tube simply wouldn’t fit.

Benefits of LED Tubes

  • Greater overall reliability & efficiency
  • Significantly longer bulb lifespan (up to 3x)
  • Reduced HVAC costs through waste heat energy reduction

Why U-Bend LEDs?

  • Deliver tube-style lighting to non-linear spaces
  • Pack more lumens into smaller fixtures
  • Avoid the generic, sterile look of tubes

Which Hyperikon U-Bent T8 LED tube is right for me?

Hoping to create relaxing ambient light?

If you’re installing your U-Bent T8 in an apartment building or smaller retail space, you want to deliver lumens without creating that cold, bright feeling of a hospital or warehouse. The Hyperikon Frosted T8 LED U-Bent Light Tube is ideal for upgrading to energy-efficient LED while preserving the relaxing, home-like feel of your space.

Trying to create bright, clear, productivity-boosting light?

In the event you’re trying to light a warehouse, storage space, office, or doctor’s office, you need to deliver that bright LED daylight that keeps people feeling safe, clean, and energized. The Hyperikon Clear T8 LED U-Bent Light Tube is perfect for achieving those goals in any space.

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