T5 LED Tubes

Why T5 LED tubes?

LED light tubes offer a significant improvement over legacy fluorescent tubes in terms of efficiency, maintenance, and long-term cost of ownership. T5 LEDs are ideal for places like offices, schools, and stores, where it’s important to deliver value and provide consistent light and color temperature.

Benefits of LED Tubes

  • Greater overall reliability & efficiency
  • Significantly longer bulb lifespan (up to 3x)
  • Reduced HVAC costs through waste heat energy reduction

Why T5 LEDs?

  • Deliver more lumens per watt than even high-output fluorescent T5s
  • Improve the efficiency of your fixture without significant retrofitting
  • Maintain control over color temperature & color rendering

What are T5/T8s?

A T5/T8 LED tube is one inch in diameter (like a T8) but closer to the standard length of a T5. A T5/T8 also uses the G5 pin for maximum compatibility with legacy T5 systems, so they can used to upgrade an existing fixture by producing the same amount of light with fewer bulbs and greater efficiency.

Which Hyperikon 8ft T8 LED tube is right for me?

Trying to light an under-cabinet space like a work bench, counter, or desk?

If you’re looking to create a sleek, clean, well-lit space under cabinets or overhangs, the Hyperikon LED T5 Shop Light is the way to go. Our under-cabinet light is specifically designed to be daisy chained together, so you can connect as many four-foot lengths of T5 lighting as you need to fulfill your lighting goals.

Hoping to update an existing system with T5 ballasts and minimal rewiring?

You can continue using your existing T5 ballast and fixture with no further modifications by installing the Ballast-Compatible Hyperikon T5 LED Light Tube. These tubes offer straightforward installation and an instant improvement in efficacy and color temperature consistency compared to your legacy fluorescents.

Looking to direct wire and bypass your ballast for maximum LED efficiency?

You can actually maximize the efficiency and return-on-investment on your LED tube lights by direct wiring them and bypassing your fluorescent system’s ballast. The Ballast Bypass Hyperikon T5 LED Light Tube is perfect for situations where you’re trying to make the most out of your retrofit and leverage LEDs to their fullest potential.

Looking to reduce your number of T5s without sacrificing light?

If you’re looking to embrace an efficient lighting strategy that reduces your need to pack every fixture in your building with tubes, T5/T8s are a perfect way to deliver big light with fewer bulbs. Depending on the look and feel you’re trying to create in the space, Clear T5/T8 LED tubes or Frosted T5/T8 LED tubes can be used.

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