Linear LED High Bays

Why Linear LED high bays?

Linear high bays are a time-tested lighting strategy for warehouses and other large spaces, and LED technology is the next logical step forward. Linear LED high bays deliver light with more consistent brightness and temperature while reducing overall energy use compared to T5s and T8s.

Benefits of LED high bays

  • Eliminate bulb replacements & overall maintenance
  • Lower temperatures reduce HVAC costs
  • Consistent brightness/color temperature throughout lamp’s lifespan

Why linear & not UFOs?

  • No uneven spotlighting
  • Create walkway-shaped beams for maximum safety
  • Larger, wider beam angles

How many linear high bays do I need?

If you wind up with too few linear LED high bays, you’ll create quadrants or areas within your space that are conspicuously dark or under-lit. Too many high bays can overwhelm people with brightness, making things feel unwelcoming.

In order to determine the correct number of linear high bays, you’ll need to know:

  • The height you will be installing the lamps
  • The cubic footage of the space you’re trying to light
  • The spacing between your lights
  • The beam angle of your lights

Here’s some sample guidance that you can use to create a spacing diagram to determine your needs:

Linear led high bay layout

Which Hyperikon linear LED high bay is right for me?

Looking to maximize lumens?

If you want bright light when it’s needed and energy conserving darkness during downtime, Hyperikon’s LED high bay lights are the perfect linear solution. Lights can be configured to switch on or off using a motion sensor, so your warehouse remains safe and secure at all times.

Hoping to make the most of daylight harvesting & energy efficiency practices?

LED lights are an energy-saver to begin with, but if you’re trying to create the most efficient possible system, you need lamps that sense both motion and daylight. Hyperikon’s high bay linear light fixture with motion sensor automatically brightens or dims based on natural light levels to reduce energy waste and provide a consistent experience.

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