LED Under Cabinet Lights

All of our cabinet lights offer easy installation, easy mounting, and dimmability.

Under Cabinet 24 inch LED

This is Hyperikon’s mid-range solution, measuring an impressive 24 inches when installed. The complete package includes two LED tubes that can easily cover the area under your cabinet and add some much-needed brightness and appeal.

This compact and durable under cabinet LED offers a lumen count of 680 and 4000K CCT output – making it suitable for your kitchen, bar, study table, and even your cupboards. The model is very user-friendly and requires minimal installation; all it takes is two clips that need to be screwed in the cabinet and you’re ready to go.

However, the most impressive feature of this bulb remains its advanced sensor technology. Users can simply sweep over the sensor placed in the front of the bulb to close it or turn it on. Is the switch too far? Just swipe your hand over the sensor to activate the light.

What’s more – you can even use the sensors to dim the brightness. Featuring cutting edge technology, all you need to do is hold your hand over the strip light for a few seconds to automatically adjust the brightness.

Complete with a 5-year warranty, this is an ideal solution for your home.

Under Cabinet 20 inch LED

The last feature on the list, Hyperikon’s under cabinet 20 inch LED, is yet another powerful lighting solution that packs each feature of the larger 24-inch version into a smaller size. While both versions feature 4000K CCT, the 24-inch is a 9W tube while this one has 5W power usage and a lumen count of 380. This makes it perfect for radiating a cozy light inside your home, office or wherever you plan on installing it.

Additionally, it can be installed easily with the help of LED hang on clips that are supposed to be screwed into the cabinet; the entire procedure takes less than 10 minutes.

Equipped with advanced sensor-based technology, users can turn the 20 inch LED off/on as well as dim the brightness through hand gestures. This makes it a very user-friendly and tech-savvy addition to your space while adding to the overall appeal.

With a 5-year unlimited warranty period, this LED under cabinet light is sure to last!

Under Cabinet T5 Integrated Fixture

This one is for large indoor cabinets that require an integrated light tube solution. The Hyperikon T5 measures an impressive 4 feet, translating into approximately 48 inches.

It comes in a pack of four and features a unique yet intuitive plug and play design. With the switch included in the power cord, you can control all four tubes from a single outlet.

Powered by trademark Helios technology, the model produces a powerful 100 lumens per watt output, offering just the right amount of brightness – without putting a strain on your eyes.

Like other Hyperikon models, the installation is fairly easy and straight-forward; all components are included in the package from serial connectors to dust caps and snap joints.

To top it off, the model features a 45000-hour lifetime and a 5-year unlimited guarantee; there are not many manufacturers that can beat this claim.

Why are LEDs preferred for Under Cabinet Lights?

Easy Mounting Dimmability

Conventional under cabinet lighting fixtures mainly consisted of puck lighting or fluorescent lamp fixtures that were neither easy to install nor appealing in any way.

Here’s why:

  • Puck lights lead to uneven light distribution, creating highly directed beams similar to a spotlight
  • They require additional wiring or transformers in some cases
  • Conventional fluorescent bulbs take time to ‘heat up’ and are energy inefficient
  • Fluorescent lights include mercury content, which is a toxic chemical and undesirable for your kitchen
  • Conventional fixtures need to be hardwired, which is not the case with LED lighting

Hyperikon offers advanced LED under cabinet lights that are more energy-efficient, safe, and overall a better alternative to traditional solutions.

Additionally, all of our models feature easy installation and plug-in ability; as such, these do not require additional wiring as they can easily fit it in existing wall sockets to draw power.

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