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Our collection of LED Shop Lights deliver superior brightness and durability. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications like garages, workshops and warehouses. Choose between our vapor proofs and our premium standard option below to browse our products. Scroll down to learn more about our LED Shop Lights and what to think of before buying.

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Types of LED Shop Lights

There are a few ways you can go about approaching installing LED shop lights. You can choose to retrofit your lighting with suspended or wall mounted fixtures, or you can have them integrated into your space.

Vapor Proof LED Lights

When you need industrial and commercial lighting in rough, damp, dusty, and tough conditions, you want to use vapor lights. These durable vapor tight LED lights with shatter, shock, and vibration resistant materials will fill any space with light while cutting your power bill down. Their long lifespan and low maintenance costs make them a no-brainer for anyone looking for an efficient and effective lighting solution with a particular focus on durability.

  • Rugged & robust housings able to withstand rain, dust and other surrounding dirt.

Integrated Fixtures

To get the most out of LED shop lights, you’ll have to use integrated LED light fixtures. Rather than a fixture that allows for interchangeable bulbs, integrated fixtures are a single piece of equipment. LED lights have a lifespan that rivals most fixtures, making it more efficient to integrate LED lights into the fixture. This results in lower power consumption, higher quality lights, and longer lifespans. For larger facilities looking for an overhaul, or for newer shops installing their first fixtures, this is the way to go.

  • Get the maximum use of your LEDs
  • Ideal for new constructions and renovations.

Retrofitted Fixtures

Because LED lighting is relatively new to the market compared to traditional shop lights, retrofitting is one of the more common options. Most of the time, this means replacing a fluorescent tube light with an LED tube light. This method may be a little less efficient. However, it is may be a more cost-effective than completely replacing a lighting fixture. Home workshops and smaller facilities will likely turn to this more affordable option.

  • Lower cost
  • Can be done without replacing fixtures
  • Start enjoying the benefits of LED lighting sooner

What to Look for in LED Shop Lights

There are a few features that you need to consider when purchasing LED shop lights. Some of these factors will vary slightly based on your needs but we recommend you consider all of them when making a purchase.


The first thing most lights show is their luminosity. This is no the lm/W, and is instead the total brightness that the light emits. Most shop lights emit about 4000 lumens, which will light up roughly 30 square feet of space. You’ll want around 140 lumens per square foot, and try to find fixtures that get at least 90 lm/W.

You can use luminosity to calculate how many lights you need. Different tasks require different numbers of lumens per square foot. So while a warehouse may be fine with 30 lumens per square foot, detail-oriented shops may require 250 lumens per square foot. You’ll want to categorize your lighting by how light-critical your task is:

  • Non-critical (warehouses, storage, etc): 30-70 Lm per square foot
  • Somewhat critical (large sized objects, home garages, etc): 70-130 Lm per square foot
  • Critical (medium sized objects, painting, etc): 130-450 Lm per square foot
  • Highly critical (small objects, high contrast painting, etc): 450+ Lm per square foot

Once you know how much light you need per square foot, you can determine how many lights you need. For example, a 2000 square foot warehouse that needs 20 lumens per square foot needs 10 lights that emit 4000 lumens.

Color Temperature

This is mostly about preference, though you’ll typically get a better CRI as you approach 6500K. 4000K is standard, and provides a neutral white. For a warmer lighting, go lower, and for a cooler lighting, go higher.

Mounting Method

Pay attention to the mounting options your LED shop light comes with. If you’re planning on purchasing a fixture and suspending it from your ceiling, make sure you have access to the right accessories (mounting studs, hooks, cables etc). Likewise, if you want to retrofit, make sure you’re getting the right size and length for your existing fixture.

Daisy Chaining

Many light fixtures let you daisy chain multiple lights together, making it easier to set up lighting for a larger space. If this is something you need, make sure to check if a fixture supports it. Also make sure to see how many lights can be daisy chained. If the limit is 6, but you need to chain 8, that could be an issue.

Water Resistance

If you plan on using your lights outdoors or in a moist, dusty, or hazardous setting, make sure that you’re getting water resistant vapor lights. Check the IP rating, and make sure that it’s rated to at least IP65 for outdoor use.


As we mentioned before, not all lights will provide accurate colors. While a low CRI is okay for non-color sensitive projects, you may need a CRI of at least 90 for projects like painting, assembling products, woodworking, or metal work. Fortunately, most LED lights have a CRI of at least 90, but can go all the way up to 98, nearly replicating daylight.

Shop Lights FAQ

  • How many LED shop lights do I need?

    The amount of shop lights you need is determined by the amount of lumens you want distributed across your area. Every setting requires a different lighting setup and while the amount of lumens is the most essential component, factors like placement, beam-angles and efficacy should also be considered.

  • Do LED shop lights work in cold temperatures?

    Yes! LED shop lights work great in cold temperatures and are therefore great for garages, warehouses, grocery stores etc. Learn more about how LEDs are affected by changing temperatures in our blog.

  • Can LED Shop lights be installed in rough conditions?

    Yes, if you are looking for lights that will be able to withstand exposure from dust, moist and other surrounding particles you should be looking for vapor proof shop lights as they are specifically made with robust and rugged housings.

  • How to wire LED Shop lights?

    Wiring your LED shop lights is one part of the installation process which also includes deciding on your layout, measuring the anchor points, and adjusting the hanging height. See our installation guide for LED shop lights for more information.

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