LED Security Lights

Hyperikon LED outdoor security lights are specifically designed to keep people safe. They provide clear, bright light with minimal energy-use. Browse our motion security lights here or scroll down to learn more about different types and their use.

No free-standing building, whether it’s a home, office, or industrial facility should be without some approach to security lighting.

This guide should help answer your most important questions about security lights and make that shopping journey just a little easier.

What are security lights?

Security lights are primarily used to protect buildings from unwanted entry at night. Security lights increase awareness of intruders or trespassers, deter them from further action, and provide a clearer view of their faces or vehicles for security cameras or law enforcement reports.

Security lights work by providing an abundance of light, either throughout all nighttime hours or upon detecting motion. The right security light strategy creates a safe perimeter around a home or workplace, providing the first line of defense against criminals.

Why use LED security lights?

In general, LEDs (light emitting diodes) are a much greener, more modern technology than previous generations of security lights. Metal-halide and mercury vapor security lights can deliver bright light, but they do so by drawing large amounts of power, using it inefficiently, and incorporating toxic gasses and material as media.

LED security lights offer several distinct advantages over legacy security systems that use incandescent, metal-halide, or gas vapor lights. When you use LEDs for security, you can:

  • Lower energy costs through increased efficiency
  • Reduce strain on wiring and circuits to extend the life of your whole system
  • Eliminate bulb changes, reducing risky maintenance work
  • Stop exposing your electricians and maintenance workers to toxic gasses
  • Maintain strong, consistently bright lights (no yellowing over time)

Types of motion security lights

Hyperikon provides a variety of LED security lights for residential applications, including:

Number of light heads Power Drawn Lumens Efficacy Motion Sensor? Dusk-to-Dawn? IP Rating Cost
Dual-Headed LED Security Light 2 20W or 30W 1,800 or 2,700LM 90LM/W Yes Yes IP65 ~$29.00
Triple-Head Security Light 3 30W 2,700LM 90LM/W Yes Yes IP65 ~$47.00
Pro Outdoor Security Light 2 or 3 25W or 37.5W 2,400 or 3,500LM 96LM/W or 93.3LM/W Yes Yes IP65 ~$37.00
LED Flood Light 2 20W 1,800LM 90LM/W Yes Yes IP65 ~$28.00

Our outdoor LED motion-activated security lights are renowned for their ability to pack bright, reliable daylight power into a small package. All the above fixtures have a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin, which means they create a clear, white light that’s ideal for safety and security.

The lights are easy to install and can be adjusted according to your needs. Our motion sensors and photocells are straightforward to configure, which means you can maximize the value of your LEDs and turn your new approach to lighting into savings each month.

Considerations when shopping for LED security lights:

How Many Light Heads Do I Need?

The ideal security light for your home or small business depends on how much light you need to create and how much of an area you need to cover.

Single-headed lamps are ideal when you need to illuminate a single space like:

  • Doorway or patio
  • Carport

Two-headed lamps enable you to bring light around a corner or point out in two separate directions. That’s ideal for:

  • Garages or sheds
  • Back yards
  • Corners of the house

Three-headed lights allow you to create three separate beams in different directions, creating either a line or three circular areas of coverage. Three-headed lamps deliver the greatest security potential and are perfect for areas like:

  • Walking paths
  • Parking areas
  • Large garages or outbuildings

Photocell dusk-to-dawn or motion sensors?

When do you want your security lights on? If you want them on all night, you need dusk-todawn functionality. Dusk-to-dawn lights use a photosensor to detect the presence of sunlight. Once the sun is down, your security lights stay on until it comes back up.

If you just want your security lights on when people are present, then motion sensor lights are the way to go. The light’s attached motion sensor can be angled down toward a target area during installation; then, whenever any person, animal, or other form of movement enters that field, the lights will come on until they detect no movement for a set amount of time.

With our security lights, you can choose between both dusk-to-dawn and motion sensor activation – meaning both are in reach by just changing the settings!

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