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Browse our collection of LED recessed lighting products ranging from downlights to remodel and new construction cans. Our portfolio consist of premium LED lights that come with components specifically requested by our customers. Therefore, you will find options in dimmability, CCT, thinness and lumens. Scroll down to learn more about our types of recessed lights, installation and more.

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Types of LED Recessed Lights

There are a few different options when it comes to recessed lights. The first (and most obvious) is the width of the light which might be a decisive factor for your type of setting. Downlights usually come in 4 and 6 inch diameters. The second component is the type of housing your ceiling requires, which is either a remodel or new construction can.

Remodel Cans

This type of can is designed to be retrofitted into the current ceiling. Whenever you are looking to renovate a space or simply improve your lighting in a room, you are remodeling and hence the name "remodel cans" was suitable for these recessed lights. They are installed on the ceiling by using metal clips that go through the opening and then attach to the surface – preventing the fixture to fall.

  • Great for remodeling, renovations and quick fixes.
  • Lots of variants, including CCT change and dimmability options.

New Construction Cans

Cans made for new construction are built quite differently. Instead of attaching to the ceiling with clips, these are most often screwed into the ceiling joists. This needs to be done before the drywall is installed as it will allow for an electrician to have proper working space. Construction cans can, in some cases, be used as retrofits. However, this only works when there is direct access to the space above the ceiling (such as an attic).

  • Specifically made for new houses and buildings.
  • More sturdy & robust installations.

4 Inch Recessed LED Lights

The obvious use of 4 inch recessed downlights is for smaller areas. Instead of illuminating rooms, these types of lights can be used to light up smaller spaces like kitchen islands, workspaces, collections of plants or arts & sculptures.

  • Often makes spaces look larger
  • Illuminates and makes smaller areas more discoverable and interesting.
  • Great addition to ceiling lights.

6 Inch Recessed LED Lights

The larger 6 inch downlights are commonly used for rooms in your house; livingrooms, hallways, bedrooms etc. With proper planning they can illuminate anything from a small bedroom to a larger and spacious livingroom.

  • Illuminates larger areas well
  • Ideal for living rooms, hallways, kitchens and bedrooms.

What to Look for in Recessed Lights specifically


The first and most obvious factor to consider when shopping for recessed lighting is the size. Depending on where you want to install your downlights, a 4 inch or a 6 inch might be what you need. Make sure to plan how many downlights you want to install and where they should be installed in order to not get a nice well-planned lighting layout.

Trim Types

You also need to make sure you’ve got type of trim that you prefer for your area. The trim is what is inside of the housing and is visible when looking into the fixture. Usually this either extends out from the light, matches the surface of the light or creates an inside gap.


Gimbal downlights offer the ability to rotate the focal point of your light. With a pivoted axle, the fixture allows you to set in which direction you want the light to focus.

Open Trim

Open trims are the way to go if you are looking for a clean and simple style while simultaneously allowing most light to come through your lens. Some of the open trims are also made to operate in damp and wet locations and are therefore suitable for showers and bathrooms as well.

Color temperatures (CCT)

When it comes to picking lights for your space, you must always consider which color temperature you want. The wrong color temperature may result in a disappointment of your lighting setup while the right one can create the right ambience and vibe in your space.


If you plan on adding extra functionality to your recessed lights by including dimmability (meaning you’ll save even more energy), make sure to double-check if your recessed lights are compatible with dimmers and that your type of dimming setup matches the combability of your lights.

Most often, LEDs are dimmed using analogue, 0-10v, 1-10v or DALI dimming setups.


Finally, you need to consider how your recessed lights will be fitted into the ceiling. Many downlights will allow air to pass through between the housing and the ceiling which means that you may loose heat that you would want to keep in the house. In this case, you need to look for air tight fixtures which don’t allow for air to pass through – saving you both heat and energy.

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