LED Panels & Troffers

LED panels and troffers are replacing legacy fluorescent systems in offices, stores, and other settings. With LED technology, you can meet all your lighting needs in a more energy-efficient way, lowering long-term facilities management costs.

Different Types of LED Panels & Troffers

A panel is a flat light that sits flush in a drop-tile or suspended ceiling grid. LED panels have a very low profile and self-contained power source, making them easy to install.

A troffer is a recessed light fixture that can also be placed into a suspended ceiling grid. In the past, troffers primarily held florescent light tubes, but integral (built-in) LEDs are emerging as the new standard.

The main difference: Panels are flat and flush with the ceiling. Troffers, on the other hand, are recessed.

2x2 vs. 2x4: Which size is right?

The appropriate size for your panel or troffer is dictated by the style of your ceiling. If your ceiling tiles are square, 2x2 panels will create a consistent pattern. If your ceiling tiles are rectangular, 2x4 panels or troffers will provide that same consistent experience.

Note: It is not advisable to cut half-tiles to install a 2x2 panel into a ceiling grid designed to accommodate 2x4 tiles. The installation will lack stability, and the finished ceiling won’t look as clean.

Applications for LED Panels & Troffers

Panels and troffers are commonly used in any buildings that have suspended ceilings, such as:

  • Business offices
  • Schools
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals & Medical facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Converted spaces

Color Temperature for Panels or Troffers

Color temperature (rated in Kelvin) measures both the color of light and the mood it creates. More Kelvins creates a brighter, whiter light, whereas a lower temperature lamp creates a warmer, more orange light.

< 3,500K = Calming, warm light

Best for: Converted condos, restaurants, homes

3,500K – 4,500K = Clear, cool light

Best for: Business offices, schools, stores

5,000K – 6,500K = Bright, crisp light

Best for: Hospitals, dental offices

>6,500K = Intense, energizing light

Best for: Indoor agriculture

Dimmability for LED Panels & Troffers

Efficient dimmability is one of the main advantages of LED technology over fluorescents and incandescent bulbs.

When you’re shopping for panels and troffers, though, you should not assume every option can be dimmed unless it is specifically labeled “dimmable.”

Buying dimmable LED panels provides the most flexibility, as you’ll always have the option to enable dimmability. On the other hand, if you buy non-dimmable lights and decide you do want the functionality, you’ll need to buy new panels or troffers.

LED Panel & Troffer Features


Volumetric troffers filter light through a diffuser to create perfectly even light distribution. Volumetric lights help rooms look brighter and feel bigger.


Edge-lit panels place their emitting diodes around the edge of the panel, focusing light in the middle before casting it downward using a diffuser. Edge lighting creates a shadowless effect, perfect for offices and workspaces.


Architectural troffers are used to create the strategic lighting systems of new buildings. That means they help create well-lit work areas without drowning out usable ambient daylight.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors ensure that LED troffers and panels stay on when they are needed and stay off when nobody’s in the room. Facilities managers can maximize their savings using sensors.

Temperature Tuning

Some panels and troffers allow you to manually adjust their color temperature within a certain range. Tunable panels make matching a new panel or troffer to the look and feel of your existing system easier than ever.

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