LED High Bays

High bay fixtures provide significant overhead light for high-ceiling, high-square-footage buildings. Not all systems are created alike, though, so before you purchase any high bays, it’s crucial to understand your specific space and lighting needs. See below for more information on types, installations and application examples.

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Types of LED High Bays

Many times, the type of high bay needed for your project is decided by the existing configuration. This means that choosing between UFOs and linear fixtures will be rather easy. However, when starting a lighting layout from scratch, some thought should be put into whether linear or UFOs will yield better results.

Linear High Bays

Linear high bays look somewhat similar in appearance to legacy fluorescent fixtures. They are generally rectangular metal fixtures lined with several rows of LED lights.


  • Wider beam angle
  • No "spotlight" effect
  • Rectangular shape makes it easy to light an aisle or hallway
Watts Lumens Lumens/Watt
Lifetime CCT CRI Price
Linear LED High Bay 210 27,300 130 45,000 hours 5000K 84+ ~$95
Sample Linear High Bay

UFO High Bays

UFO high bays are circular in shape and generally smaller and lighter than their linear counterparts. Unlike a linear high bay, a UFO creates a circular beam of light.


  • Ease of installation
  • Less "industrial-looking"
  • Controllable beam angle
Watts Lumens Lumens/Watt
Lifetime CCT CRI Price
UFO LED High Bay 200 28,000 140 45,000 hours 5700K 84+ ~$150
Sample UFO High Bay

How Many LED High Bays Do I Need?


The number of fixtures you need is directly connected to your lighting goals. You need to account for the dimensions of your space and how much light you’re hoping to provide at ground level.

For example, the 27,300-lumen linear high bay described above is ideal for any space with a ceiling over 20 feet. However, the exact height at which you install the fixtures will determine how far apart they need to be spaced.

Most often, at 20 feet high, you’ll need to space them about 15-18 feet apart. At 30 feet high, you’ll need to space them about 20-25 feet


When you’re working with UFOs, the height of your ceiling is crucial. For example, the above 200W UFO LED high bay is ideal for ceilings between 16-18 feet high.

To create an evenly lit room with no “spotlight” effect, those lamps should be spaced out about 42 feet. As you go higher, your beam angle will naturally increase, spreading light further but delivering fewer lumens at ground level.

With those guidelines in mind, the cubic square footage and ceiling height of your application space will dictate exactly how many high bays you need.

LED High Bay Applications

High bay lighting is ideal for use in large indoor spaces with ceilings of at least 20 feet. High bay fixtures are commonly installed in:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories & industrial production facilities
  • Big box stores
  • Aerospace hangers
  • Gyms & recreation centers

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