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Types of LED Flood Lights

Because of the great benefits that flood lights bring, there are many different types of lights that adhere to different environments and situations.

Apart from the common LED specifications that are presented below, there are three types of flood lights that offer distinct advantages: Standard LED Flood lights, Flood Lights with Motion Sensors and Solar LED Flood Lights.

Standard LED Flood Lights

Classic flood lights will not let you down. With adjustable brackets, premium heatsink designs and weatherproof materials they offer all the specifications that one can wish from a flood light.

Wattages range from 30 to 300w with different dimensions and sizes that suit both residential and industrial applications.

LED Flood Lights with Motion Sensors

Motion sensors is your option if you are looking for even more control of your lighting. LED flood lights with motion sensors provide you with a solution that only keeps your light on when necesarry, and therefore saving you energy and costs. Apart from the savings, motion detectors act as a great security layer when installed properly.

With our motion sensors you can adjust:

  • On-time duration
  • Sensing distance
  • Ambient lighting levels

Solar LED Flood Lights

Another way to save energy and still get quality LED lighting is to go solar.

Solar LED flood lights are driven by the energy of the sun and with only 6 hours of charge the light will stay on for 12 hours. The solar panels that come with is made out of poly-cristalline and has a transformation efficiency of 19%.

LED Flood Light Applications

LED flood lights offer the most versatility when illuminating large areas and therefore they can be used in a wide range of places. Most often, flood lights come with wide beam angles, making them perfect for areas like stadiums, warehouses, theatres, driveways and recreational areas.

There are few large places where LED flood lights can not be used. However, every space requires a different set of lighting products. Therefore it is important that conventional preparation is made before deciding on the types of flood lights that should be installed. One of the ways to prepare is to perform a photometric analysis, which ensures that the right amount of lighting will be distributed across an area.

Amount of LED Flood Lights

Deciding on how many flood lights you need for your environment can be a daunting task. There are several questions that come into play in order to illuminate a place properly: how high up do I install the flood lights, how many lumens do I need, how close together do they need to be?

These questions can be answered by performing a photometric analysis which asseses a location and its characteristics in order to decide exactly how many lights are needed and where these should be installed.

If you think a photometric analysis isn’t necesarry for your project, you can calculate some of the factors to determine how many lights you need yourself.

Beam Angle

The beam angle represents the angle at which the luminaire distributes light.

Depending on your environment, you might want a wider or more narrow beam angle. Generally, LED flood lights provide a wide beam angle in order to light up larger outdoor areas well.

Lumens Output

The lumens for a specific LED fixture is the unit for luminous flux, meaning the amount of light that is emitted by the luminaire.

Most often, the higher the lumen - the better the fixture. However, having an excess of lumens is not to be preferred since it only causes a waste in energy.


By gathering the different specs of a fixture and match it with a characteristics of a surface, lux is found. Lux is the definition of how much light falls on a surface.

Measuring Lux may give you an indication of how far apart your lights need to be installed.

What wattage do I need?

As the transition from flourescent to LED lighting has become more established, the importance of wattage as a unit has decreased. Lumens is the new wattage and a better indicator of how much light is produced by a fixture.

150w and 200w LED Flood Light

For LED Flood lights between 30-300w, our line of classic LED flood light is your best option. Providing you with great lumen output and efficacy, you can be sure to find the wattage that suits your needs.

500w and 1000w LED Flood Lights

For wattages higher than 300w, LED stadium Flood Lights is a the recommended choice. Specifically made to light up stadiums and arenas, they come with robust builds and premium diodes.

Flood Lights FAQ

  • What are LED flood lights?

    LED flood lights are a type of lighting fixture that is most often used to illuminate larger areas such as sport fields, backyards or commercial areas. With wide beam angles and high lumen output they succeed in lighting areas while keeping energy-use to the minimum.

  • How many LED flood lights do I need?

    Figuring out how many led flood lights you need for your setting can be difficult as it depends on several factors such as beam angles, lumens and lux. In order to get the perfect lighting layout we recommend that you perform a photometric analysis.

  • How do I wire my LED flood light?

    Wiring your LED flood light is part of the installation process along with other steps such as drilling the holes and adjusting the bracket. Check our LED flood lights installation guide for more information on wiring your led lights.

  • Can I use LED flood lights for my stadium or arena?

    Yes, flood lights are great to illuminate larger areas such as your arena. However, if you are looking to install LEDs for your stadium, we recommend that you look for LED stadium lights as they often produce more lumens.

  • How bright are LED flood lights?

    The level of brightness that LED flood lights can produce is measured by the lumen output. Our portfolio of flood lights come in a wide range of luminosity, with the highest reaching up to 30,000 lumens!

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