8FT LED Tubes

Which 8FT LED Tube is Right for You?

Why 8-foot LED tubes?

LED light tubes offer a significant improvement over legacy fluorescent tubes in terms of efficiency, maintenance, and long-term cost of ownership. Eight-foot LED tubes are designed to create powerful overhead lighting solutions that illuminate halls and aisles to brighten large office or warehouse spaces and enable safe work.

Benefits of LED Tubes

  • Greater overall reliability & efficiency
  • Significantly longer bulb lifespan (up to 3x)
  • Reduced HVAC costs through waste heat energy reduction

Why 8-Foot LEDs?

  • Get the best lumen/watt efficacy available for a lamp this size
  • Reduce flickering and color variation in your overhead lights
  • Upgrade from fluorescents with no additional wiring

Which Hyperikon 8ft T8 LED tube is right for me?

Hoping to maximize light to create a safe, productive working environment?

If you’re using eight-foot T8s to light a warehouse, production facility, or other large space, you could be saving money and providing higher quality light with minimal infrastructural changes by shifting to LEDs. Hyperikon’s 8ft LED Tube Light with a clear lens cover is the perfect tube to upgrade your system’s efficiency and deliver clearer light than ever before.

Hoping to create a warm, welcoming space with 8ft tube lights?

Creating a space that feels warm and authentically friendly with tube lights can be challenging, but the color temperature control of LEDs makes it much easier to build a homey tube-lit experience, compared to fluorescents. Hyperikon’s 8ft LED Tube Light with a frosted lens cover is ideal for taking the edge off that bright LED daylight and creating a welcoming, humanistic feel to your space.

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