2FT LED Tubes

Which 2FT LED Tube is Right for You?

Why 2-foot LED tubes?

LED light tubes offer a significant improvement over legacy fluorescent tubes in terms of efficiency, maintenance, and long-term cost of ownership. Two-foot LED tubes are ideal for maximizing the efficiency of your ambient or project lighting without creating the need to retrofit your existing T8 fluorescent system.

Benefits of LED Tubes

  • Greater overall reliability & efficiency
  • Significantly longer bulb lifespan (up to 3x)
  • Reduced HVAC costs through waste heat energy reduction

Why 2-Foot LEDs?

  • Pack as many lumens as possible into a single, discreet tube
  • Get greater control over color temperature and rendering
  • Improve your lighting with no new installation or maintenanc requirements

Which Hyperikon 2ft T8 LED tube is right for me?

Hoping to create relaxing ambient light?

If you’re using two-foot T8 bulbs to create a soft, mood-setting ambient light for a home, restaurant, or high-end commercial space, Hyperikon’s Frosted T8 LED Tube Light is ideal. This compact, easy-to-install tube is the perfect way to blend efficiency with aesthetics, creating the clear view you need without overwhelming anybody with brightness.

Trying to create bright, clear, productivity-boosting light?

For those using LED lights to create a workspace that’s both livelier and safer, Hyperikon’s Clear T8 LED Tube Light packs 1,150 lumens of daylight or crystal white light. With these short but powerful tubes, you can bring the brightness and clarity of LEDs to any tight space or small corner.

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