Why to Buy LED Motion Sensor Lights


Many modern LED lights and fixtures are equipped with sophisticated settings. One of the most popular among these features for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting is motion sensor technology.

LED motion sensor lights are usually equipped with either microwave or PIR sensors. 

Microwave motion sensors detect changes in movement. Their sensitive detection quality and wide detection range make them ideal for security functions and larger spaces. 

PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors instead detect changes in heat signatures. PIR sensors are best for smaller indoor spaces such as hallways and outdoor walkways that have regular patterns of movement. While not as sensitive as microwave sensors, PIR is beneficial for settings with ambient movement that should not trigger the light to power on (e.g. trees blowing in the wind). However, since PIR sensors are temperature sensitive, choose microwave sensors for environments with variable temperatures. Regardless of which sensor type will work best for your application, there are a number of reasons why you should buy LED lights with motion sensors.

Outdoor Motion Sensor LEDs

The most well-known and perhaps the most important reason to shop for LED lights with motion sensors is added security. Motion sensor LEDs can detect movement in the dark and will flash on, deterring any unwanted people or wildlife. Most outdoor lighting with motion sensors are incredibly bright and have a crisp 5000K color temperature. Plus, these are usually designed as flood lights, which will ensure the broadest light spread. These type of LEDs are a reliable, safe, and easy replacement for high-wattage halogen bulbs.

Outdoor LED motion sensor lights are often customizable for detection range, sensor sensitivity, standby time, and more. There are a variety of LED security lighting fixtures for all home and business safety needs. A classic 2-head security light is easy to install and can provide multi-directional lighting, making it a perfect choice for a yard or driveway. Meanwhile, for more heavy-duty security lighting, choose an industrial LED motion sensor flood light that is fully weatherproof and equipped with an adjustable mounting handle and shatter-resistant lens. A smaller LED flood light (30-50W) is ideal for larger driveways, storefronts, and community spaces, while larger models (100-200W) or LED shoebox pole lights are suited for commercial loading docks, parking lots, streets, and anywhere else that needs high-output security lighting. A 300W LED motion sensor street light can have an output of up to 40,000 lumens!

Indoor Motion Sensor LEDs

While the need for safety in outdoor areas is more apparent, it’s an important consideration for indoors well, especially in large spaces like warehouses, workshops, and factories. Motion sensor activated lighting can make any space feel safer for employees. However, the more prevalent factor in choosing motion sensor-equipped LED lighting indoors is energy savings. For areas that don’t require consistent lighting, an LED high bay light fixture will save energy and costs by switching off after two minutes of no activity. Simply walk into the sensor’s 80ft detection range for instant-on brightness! Get lighting when it’s needed and save energy and money when it’s not.

The same goes for office and residential spaces. Under cabinet LED lighting with motion sensors are perfect for safely making trips to the kitchen or basement during the night. Motion sensor, or “radar”, versions of standard A21 and BR30 flood light bulbs can easily upgrade any space with the security, safety, and savings of LED motion sensor lights.

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