What LED color (Kelvin) temperature should I choose?


Choosing the best LED light for your spaces goes beyond which fixture or size you need: choosing the best color temperature (measured in Kelvin, or K) is essential for creating the the desired atmosphere and performing certain functions.

In general, LED lighting color temperatures range from 2300K to 6000K. Despite what you may assume, lower Kelvin lights produce the warmest light, while higher Kelvin lights produce the brightest, coldest light.

2300K (Amber Glow): Rich and intimate, our warmest color with an amber hue. This temperature is best suited for areas with dark-toned furniture, such as home bars and dens.

2700K (Warm White): A comforting orange-yellow temperature that provides a cozy ambience. This color is compatible with earth tones and wooden furnishings.

3000K (Soft White Glow): A good choice for homes and businesses alike, 3000K is an inviting and pleasant color that works well in seating and dining areas such as cafes, restaurants, lounges and bars.

4000K (Daylight Glow): This color is a clean white similar to natural daylight, best with light colors and minimalist decor. Use this temperature for applications such as offices, lobbies, schools, and garages.

5000K (Crystal White Glow): Crisp and illuminating, this blue-white temperature is energizing choice for outdoor security lighting and detail-oriented environments such as workshops, factories, and hospitals.

6000K (Super Bright White): Ultra-bright with a blue hue, 6000K is an intense LED light color that can have a futuristic glow. This color should be used in large commercial and industrial areas requiring superior brightness such as street lights and warehouses. 

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