Project Spotlight: Pruden Cars LED Fluorescent Replacement


Fluorescent replacement, or “retrofitting,” is extremely easy to do with LED lights. In fact, for every incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulb there is very likely an LED replacement for it. Thus, switching to LED is an incredibly easy upgrade to refresh your workspace, saving you money and energy in the long run.

Pruden Cars saw this opportunity to upgrade their commercial garage with LED lighting. Based in Kentucky, Pruden Cars purchases, sells, builds, and trades street cars, race cars, and classic cars. With over 35 years in the performance vehicle business, they understand the importance of superior lighting for detail-oriented work.

Pruden Cars’ previous lighting setup in their garage featured a combination of 65W and 42W compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. To replace these with new LED lights and fixtures, they chose to install 40 LED Utility Shop Lights and 12 LED Corn Bulb Lights. At only 38W and 45W respectively, the new LED setup requires significantly less energy.

Beyond the energy savings, Pruden Cars noticed a number of instant improvements to their space. The 4’ double-tube shop lights provided a greater light distribution, spreading light farther and reducing shadows. Meanwhile, mercury vapor bulbs were replaced with the LED corn bulbs, which no longer required a ballast or igniter. This made the garage even more efficient: the existing ballasts can be bypassed (removed) to avoid consuming unnecessary energy. Plus, since LEDs produce minimal heat output, they can be constructed with shatterproof materials. This ensures they won’t overheat and burst and leak hazardous chemicals: an important consideration for any work space.

Converting to LEDs, in addition to increasing brightness, created more natural lighting hue in the garage. Pruden Cars switched from a combination of 2700K lights and 5500K lights to all 5000K. This proved to be the Kelvin “sweet spot” casting a crisp, natural hue that was essential to seeing the details.

Best of all, the Pruden Cars team was able to install their new LED lights quickly and easily so they could get back to business without major disruptions! You can read more details about their installation and check out Pruden Cars on their website.

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