5 Remarkable LED Lighting Statistics in 2021

With Graphs


If you haven't caught on to the massive impact LED lighting has had on our society yet, it's time you get in the game with these LED Lighting statistics. Even the very Department of Energy has declared how LED has surpassed its competitors and is now competing within it's own category:

" LEDs have surpassed, or matched, all conventional lighting technologies in terms of energy efficiency, lifetime, versatility, and color quality, and, due to their increasing cost competitiveness, LEDs are successfully competing in a wide variety of lighting applications. "

And what better way to acknowledge how LED lighting has progressed than to see it through visualized data? Below follows five graphs and statistics that proves how LED lighting is one of the most remarkable technologies in moderntime and outshines its competitors in every facet possible.

LED lighting has marked one of the fastest technological shifts in human history

Even faster than Hybrid cars and Solar power! led lighting graph market share

Chart found in The Low Carbon Economy Report by Goldman Sachs

In order to get some context, this graph shows how LED lighting has progressed and gained market shares compared to other technologies within their markets. As new and revoloutionary technologies emerge, they often require large changes within politics and infrastructure causing the change to be slow and tedious. With LED Lighting however, the rate at which the market has changed has proved to be incredibly fast due to its apparent advantages in all aspects.

LED Lighting has held a steady increase in revenue since 2013

led lighting growth rate graph

Chart found in Status of LED Lighting World Market by Joint Research Center Report

Before we overwhelm you with forecasts and predictions, let's stick to what we know. The stats above shows how the global revenue from LED lighting has grown steadily every year since 2013. There are no signs that this growth will decrease and LEDs will most likely continue to increase in revenue.

By 2035, LED Lighting will have saved around 890 billion dollars in avoided energy costs

energy saved led lighting graph

Chart found in Energy Savings Forecast Report by the US Department of Energy

When looking ahead a few years, LED lighting continues to exceed our expectations. The stats above shows how LED lighting will have saved 890 billion dollars by 2035 if current goals are met. That's almost a trillion dollars!

The number of conventional lighting fixtures are expected to decrease by more than 50%

diagram installed led lighting stock

Chart found in Energy Savings Forecast Report by the US Department of Energy

Once again, we are hit with a graph that shows us how superior LED lighting is when compared to its competitors. By 2035, the amount of installed LED lights will be almost 5 times more than all of the conventional lights together. Apart from that, connected LED lights will have continued to increased meaning we will gain further control and insights about our lighting resulting in even more savings!

Due to the advancement of LED lighting, commercial power consumption will significantly decrease by 2025

visual graph energy use led lighting

Chart found in The Low Carbon Economy Report by Goldman Sachs

All of us are a part of the fight against climate change and even the smallest action such as changing to a more energy-efficient lighting bulb matter. With that said, residential power consumption doesn't come close to the impact commercial areas have. However, with current LED lighting reformations planned, the power consumption will drastically decrease by 2025.

There you have it, five graphs and statistics that shows how LED lighting will impact our world in the years to come. Although these graphs proves a lot, we are aware that LED lighting has more to offer so now we want to hear from you. How do you think LED lighting will continue to influence our world? Are there any graphs we missed? Let us know in the comment field below.

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