LED Dusk to Dawn Lighting

Dusk to dawn lights come in a lot of different shapes and can be a solution for both smaller residential places to larger commercial areas. Choose between our various types of dusk to dawn lights below.

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Types of Dusk to Dawn Lights


Floodlights are artificial light sources that have unique, wide light beams. They are normally used to illuminate large areas such as parking lots, building entrances, concert halls, and football fields. They also provide lighting for large events. Floodlights are also used in residential spaces to improve aesthetics and for extra safety.

Dusk to dawn floodlights with photosensors only operate during specific hours of the day. They sense the amount of ambient light and only generate light when there's a certain level of dimness. These automatic outdoor lights are a more efficient option than floodlights without photocells.


Dusk to dawn LED bulbs are a great option for areas that need low-maintenance lights. They offer many years of service — thanks to their long lifespan — lowering maintenance costs by decreasing relamping frequency. Cars, people, and objects can be seen in their natural colors because these lights have excellent color consistency (with 80+ Color Rendering Index).

LED bulbs have the look and feel of a regular bulb as they fit a standard medium base. They attain full brightness instantly, do not generate ultraviolet or infrared light, and don’t contain mercury which is harmful to humans and the environment.

Wall Packs

Wall pack lights, which are also referred to as exterior building lights, are lights mounted on exterior building walls to provide light to areas used by pedestrians and drivers. They offer an extra security layer as they are usually paired with other outdoor LED lights to provide adequate illumination.

Dusk to dawn wall pack lights are usually installed in entryways, doorways, and the façades of commercial buildings. They serve as outdoor security lights for warehouses, business establishments, and docks.

These lights are ideal for general area lighting and can emit up to 20,000 lumens in large applications. They make excellent replacements for traditional lighting systems as they are directional in nature and direct light exactly where it is meant to go.


One interesting thing about lighting products is that they are usually named according to their shapes. The shoebox light got its name because it is shaped like a shoe box. Shoebox lights are usually installed in outdoor lighting poles to provide light from above. They can replace traditional lights of any wattage and help you to save a lot of money on energy bills.

Dusk to dawn LED shoebox lights are designed to replace HPS and MH shoebox lights. They have high IP ratings and function optimally even in difficult weather conditions. And because they consume a lot less energy than conventional lights, they can cut down energy consumption by up to 70%.

Security Lights

According to crime statistics by the FBI in 2017, a property crime occurs every 4 seconds in the United States. Installing security lights can be a great way to keep your home or business property safe from intruders. Security lights enhance the safety and security of an area. They detect and deter intrusions and other criminal activities in residential and commercial applications and are integral to crime prevention.

Common Applications


Illuminating your garage at night is a vital part of keeping it safe. But you may not always remember to turn on the lights every evening and turn them off when the sun rises. Dusk to dawn garage lights do the work for you. They adequately illuminate residential and commercial garages, keeping cars safe all night long.

Parking Lots

Dusk to dawn parking lot lights produce very little light during the day (approximately 30 lux) and a lot of light at night (approximately 500 lux). They significantly improve safety in parking lots as they help prevent any robberies that may happen at night. People are easily drawn to bright and safe areas. If the parking lot outside your business establishment is well-illuminated, business operations may continue well into the night.


Dusk to dawn street lights can be used in small and large streets outside residential and commercial properties. They are also used to illuminate public paths, walkways, alleyways, and street corners. They provide many important benefits. For example, they enhance security in urban areas and boost economic growth by keeping commercial areas well-lit long after the sun sets.

Larger Commercial Areas

To prevent break-ins, unnecessary damages, and dangerous situations, it's important for business establishments to have security measures in place, like dusk to dawn lights. Lights that are specially designed for commercial areas have a high lumen output and allow security cameras to capture high-quality footage. These lights are also cost-effective and help businesses to save a lot of money.

Features of Dusk to Dawn Lights


Lighting codes usually ensure that municipalities implement good and safe lighting. There are four different standards that are usually required by the local code: UL Listed, ETL Listed, DLC Listed, and Energy Star.

ETL and UL listings ensure that lighting products are safe. These two standards apply to almost all electrical products. UL Listed and ETL Listed marks show that the products have passed the safety requirements of the regulatory bodies and can be used by consumers in homes and places of business.

Both ETL and UL are Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories and are regulated by the US ccupational Safety and Health Administration.

Lighting products must also be DLC Listed or have Energy Star certification. DLC, DesignLights Consortium, only certifies lighting products. Products with DLC certification have a high level of quality and energy efficiency. The DLC label gives consumers peace of mind as the organization has stringent standards and does a lot of vetting and due diligence before giving its certification. Like DLC, Energy Star also rates products for their energy efficiency. However, its certification is mostly for residential-grade products. The Energy Star symbol is trusted and government-backed and helps consumers to save money. It also helps protect the environment by promoting energyefficient products and services.

Luminous Efficacy

When it comes to lighting efficiency, there's one measurement we can rely on to tell us how good a light source is: luminous efficacy. It measures how well a light source generates visible light (the light our eyes can see). Not all light wavelengths are visible or effective at stimulating human vision. For example, the human eye cannot detect light at infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths.

Luminous efficacy is usually expressed in lumens per watt (lm/W). It indicates how much electricity a light source needs to produce visible light. Some traditional lights are not efficient in their energy usage. The energy they draw is almost similar to the lumens they produce. For example, incandescent bulbs have a luminous efficacy of 16 lumens per watt. This means they only produce 16 lumens for every watt of electricity they pull.

LED lights, on the contrary, have a high luminous efficacy. They need very little electricity to produce a lot of lumens. For instance, this LED barn light has a luminous efficacy of 105 lumens per watt. It uses very little power to produce bright light. When buying dusk to dawn LED lights, choose those with a high luminous efficacy.

3 Benefits of LED Dusk to Dawn Lights


It is no secret that bright lights improve safety and help deter crime. Intruders usually look for the most vulnerable commercial and residential properties. And they operate very well under the cover of darkness. If lights are bright, they'll flee. Dusk to dawn outdoor lights prevent vandalism and burglaries by making intruders visible. When these lights are paired with motion sensors, they startle intruders when they are about to strike.

If your security lights are on all night, criminals actually know which areas are well-illuminated and which ones are dark. Dusk to dawn LED lights with motion sensors produce light as soon as they sense any motion. Lawbreakers may set foot on your property, but they will run the moment the lights activate. These lights can also be shielded — like our LED sconce porch light — to prevent light pollution.

Lower Energy Consumption

LED dusk to dawn lighting is very efficient as light is only provided when it is needed. You never have to worry about leaving the lights on by mistake. When your energy consumption is low, your electric bill goes down.

Since LED lights use less energy than traditional lighting systems — 70%-80% less — they put less demand on the power grid, helping conserve our rapidly depleting natural resources. They are very good for the environment.

If lights are left to run even when they are not needed, they will drain resources. Bulbs will burn out prematurely, resulting in frequent lamp replacements. In addition, lighting maintenance will have to be done on a regular basis. The photoresistors in LED dusk to dawn lights prolong their lives by reducing the number of hours they run.

Usable with Most of the Existing Outdoor Light Fixtures

When it comes to outdoor lighting fixtures, there are numerous options to choose from. The good thing about LED dusk to dawn lights is that they work with most of the existing light fixtures. They can be installed in wall mounted fixtures, street lighting fixtures, landscape lighting fixtures, and other outdoor fixtures.

LED dusk to dawn wall mounted lights provide lighting in doorways, entryways, façades, alleys, porches, driveways, and the sides of commercial buildings. They are ideal for illuminating the perimeters of homes and business establishments.

Dusk to dawn LED street lights can illuminate residential and suburban areas, providing small-scale lighting (because of their low light output) which does not cause light pollution. Dusk to dawn security lights with a higher lumen output can be used to enhance safety in main streets, walkways, and parks.

Dusk to dawn LED landscape lights enhance the beauty of an exterior space by highlighting the natural features (like trees and flower gardens) as well as the artificial features (like water fountains, garden statues, and architectural detailing).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is an LED dusk to dawn light?

    A dusk to dawn light is a type of fixture that automatically turns on when the sun sets to when the sun rises. It works by using a photocell (a light-controlled variable resistor) that changes its resistance according to the incident light intensity. LED dusk to dawn lights come in many different shapes and forms such as wall packs, shoeboxes and security lights.

  • How to adjust a dusk to dawn light sensor?

    Adjusting dusk to dawn light sensors usually consist of adjusting the angle and changing the settings in the back of the fixture. Generally, there is a knob at the back of the fixture which can be changed to match the amount of lux preferred for activation and deactivation.

  • What causes dusk to dawn lights to flicker?

    There are many potential reasons to why your dusk to dawn light may flicker such as bad wiring, defect photocell or using the wrong switch. Make sure to get your dusk to dawn lights from a reputable led lighting supplier to minimize the risk of ending up with a defect photocell.

  • Are LED dusk to dawn lights any good?

    Of course! LED dusk to dawn lights are great at what they do, you just have to get the right ones for your space. LED lights come with different specifications which determine how they can be used and how well they will perform. For instance, choosing dusk to dawn lights for your parking lot is completely different than choosing something for your porch.

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